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In every team there is a gap between what their performance is like now and what it could be.  That gap is their untapped potential and caused by lack of engagement!  Research shows lack of engagement costs practices on the average 22% in profitability, 21% in productivity, 45% in turnover...just for starters.  Our level of engagement is defined by our level of happiness which is driven by the stress we feel in our day to day routines. 

Judy Kay inspires teams to bring to life key concepts and competencies - both physical and emotional - that empower individuals and engage teams to improve performance.  She teaches the TA-DAH Philosophy method for communication, collaboration, and celebration that will help the entire team get happier and more engaged.  The TA-DAH Philosophy embraces principles, practices and pearls of wisdom for reducing stress, increasing happiness and improving performance. 

She teaches dentists and managers how to grow their practices by becoming better leaders, getting their teams to work together and delivering service with more focus and passion. She provides your team with what they need to know on how to have a better attitude on a daily basis. She works with you and your team to develop communication skills that are critical to your success. She teaches you how to get the team re-aligned, re-engaged and re-ignited.  She helps you create, implement and sustain core standards as a code of conduct that support a happy, healthy and high performing culture.  She shows you how to build relationships based on trust and respect inside and outside your practice...with your patients, your community, and your family. Relationships are the key to a successful dental practice, and Judy Kay is the relationship expert in the industry today.

Her approach is different. Instead of focusing on what you’re doing wrong, Judy Kay focuses first on what you’re doing right, encourages the positive and the strengths that are already there, and then replaces the negative habits with attitudes and actions that will help put the passion and productivity back into your practice.

Contact Judy Kay today to learn how to harness the power of passion, joy and celebration to raise job satisfaction, patient service and the bottom line! TA-DAH!

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