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Judy facilitated an amazing two-day retreat for our office. She walked the walk, putting us before her. Tailoring the program to our specific office and issues, not a boiler plate lecture. Her ability to connect with each team member, allowed not only open discussion and communication, but real engagement by the entire team.

Dr Gary Nankin – Nankin Dental Associates

I hired Judy Kay to come to my office after realizing some tensions had been escalating in my team, but not quite knowing why or how to deal with it. I didn't feel confident "winging it" to address the issues. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I hoped I would end up with some helpful ideas and resources. The whole Culture Camp experience was way more helpful and genuine than I expected. I had wondered if it would feel forced, impersonal, or even cheesy, but it really was not. Judy Kay spent the whole day before the camp observing in my office, meeting one-on-one with each individual, and quickly getting past walls to see them in a personal way. She truly has a gift of intuitively sensing who people are beneath the surface. When we met the next day for the Culture Camp, it was not a generic lecture like I thought it might be. She engaged everyone from the beginning, and throughout the whole day. We all contributed thoughts and ideas around the Core Values I chose, and what they should look like in our office. We worked through processes to solve some trouble areas she identified. She challenged us, without being overbearing. In the end, it was a very personal, effective, practical, positive experience. I'm so glad I decided to have her come to our office. It was a very worthwhile investment that I believe will benefit my whole career.

Dr Erin Riley – Central Michigan Orthodontics

As an office manager of over 20 years, it can get tough to motivate your staff and keep everyone productive. We all want our offices to be special and stand out. The question was, how do we achieve success at this? I attended a conference and heard Judy Kay speak. I was blown away by how much sense she made. I went home and told my doctor that we needed to have Judy Kay come and do a Culture Camp. The doctor made the decision to invest in his staff and practice and he made the right choice! Her ideas and perspective helped us discover areas we were lacking in, and areas where we were thriving. While doing this, she made it fun and light. Some of our staff were a little skeptical, thinking how could someone come in for a few days and help? Well, her observations and listening skills were exactly what our practice needed. Before her visit, our staff was feeling overworked, and unappreciated. Judy was a ray of sunshine from the moment I listened to her speak until we said goodbye after our Culture Camp. We are a large practice with 3 locations and she came to each location. She taught us how to run an office that works best for everyone (doctor, staff, and patients). I must admit that each location was managed differently, that all changed with Culture Camp. She taught each manager to work together as a team and be each other’s support system. Judy Kay was able to reach even the most stubborn of team members. We have reached a point where we are now clear and concise with our intentions for our practice. Our core value words are now a part of every decision we make. Our team members we taught how to communicate with each other in a respectful and kind manner. I would highly recommend having Judy Kay help transform your practice into a thriving, healthy work place!

Kimberly King
Office Manager – Golnick Pediatric Dentistry

I have had the pleasure of working with Judy Kay over a few years. I have chosen to bring her into my office three different times for her amazing Culture Camp. Each of these times, our team was at different stages and working on different challenges within the team and ourselves. Judy Kay has the ability and experience to connect with each team member. She is able to help team members discover their own strengths and is able to guide them on how to resolve conflicts. Her team building exercises are always fun, interactive, motivating, and educational. Her approach is one that empowers each individual and the team as a whole. The lessons we have learned from her has helped us a whole and individually to work together and to also be able to provide a great experience to our patient families. She is realistic and doesn’t just tell you how to do things but also gives you a game plan and time line to accomplish goals. I highly recommend anyone to work with her either as a team building consultant and/or to attend her classes. She is a person that has made a positive impact on my life.

Dr Pam Clark – Pearland Pediatric Dentistry

What a day! Thank you, Judy Kay, for making our team even stronger. You are engaging, kind and so great at what do you. On behalf of our entire team THANK YOU. Here’s to better todays, tomorrows, and every day after that

Horsey Orthodontics

When considering Culture Camp for our dental practice, I wondered if our office really needed something like this. Our team works pretty well together, for the most part, and we feel valued and appreciated by the owner. But I couldn't help but wonder if our team could become better and stronger. I attended one of Judy Kay's lectures at an AADOM conference, and the moment I heard her speak about attitude and communication, I knew that my office needed Judy Kay! Her straight-forward approach to communication and building a strong office culture made so much sense and is so critical to the success and happiness of any business. Every team member was very accepting of Judy Kay's teaching and were all involved in the process of defining our Core Values. This instantly created ownership of these values and a commitment from the entire team to uphold those values. This Culture Camp was a real reset for our team, and I look forward to seeing the positive growth from this experience!

Janet Alvis, Practice Administrator

Culture Camp with Judy Kay was absolutely amazing!! What an awe inspiring two day event packed with communication skill building and team motivational exercises. It's truly hard to explain the depth of the work that was done in just two days to dig deep into our Dental Family and how we relate to one another. We defined our Team Core Values with purpose and all agreed on how to execute on them. Judy Kay provided us a safe environment where each individual could be vulnerable without repercussions. We spoke privately with her which enabled us to become empowered to speak openly and honestly with one another. We cried, we laughed, we said everything we needed to say to one another with respect. In the end, we found common ground, and are re-invigorated to work as a team and build with our Team Core Values as the pillars to our growth. I highly recommend Judy Kay and her Culture Camp to all Dental Practices!! It's truly a game-changing experience!!

Dr. Jonar Bonifacio

Judy Kay came to us at a time when we were ready to define our practice and where we wanted to go. After buying the practices 3 years ago, we were ready to make it ours and not just the previous doctor's office. She gave us the tools and the support to make this happen. Judy took the time to meet with each member of our team to really get a feel for the underlying culture of our practice. She counseled us on effective communication and leadership, necessary steps to take to improve practice culture, and efficient and effective meeting agendas. The entire team truly enjoyed the full day culture camp and multiple members took the time to thank us for bringing Judy Kay to our office. We feel like this has been a turning point for our practice and our team. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Judy Kay to any practice owner!

Emily Baker Damron, DDS and Lindsay H. English, DMD
First City Dentistry of Savannah

As an office manager at a busy dental office, I was feeling the weight of the world in my position. Our office as a whole has been struggling to work as a team and to find common ground. The moment I started speaking with Judy Kay I could begin to see some light! After spending two days with her I was amazed at the simplicity of making our situation better. It took her wisdom, guidance, and perspective for me to see it. It has now been 3 months and I am daily implementing the knowledge I gained at Culture Camp, both at the office and in my personal life! I am getting back my “bright and shiny”, choosing to be happy, and sharing that with those around me. I highly recommend Judy Kay/Practice Solutions as she will bring balance, creativity and most importantly happiness to YOU and your office!

Rachel Rahall, Harvey Dental Studio

My Oral and Maxillofacial Surgical group in Florida recently had the opportunity to bring Judy K for a Culture Camp with all my Team Leads and upper-level management. It was fantastic. She really took the time to understand our needs and values and wanted to learn how best she could help us as a group. With her expertise, she beautifully designed a 2-day action packed and very informative session for my group. It really made us understand who we were, where we need to go and how to get there as a solid group. This is what we were missing to get us to the next level and now after this Culture Camp I know we can get their and beyond. Thank you, Judy K

Michael Barbick DMD MD
CEO Florida Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Our office just had a wonderful experience having Judy Kay come in for our culture camp! We are a small team, and we weren't sure it would have the same impact for us as we've seen for other offices with many more staff members. That couldn't have been further from the truth! We all learned about ourselves and more importantly how to communicate and appreciate each other in ways we hadn't experienced in the past! It was intimate, fun, educational and a true joy to spend that time with each other and with Judy Kay! We would all highly recommend, regardless of the size of your team, to take the time to invest in yourselves with a culture camp!

Dr. Maine Grant

Thank you, Judy Kay Mausolf, for coming to Florida and building a happier, healthier, and more successful team in our dental community. We had an excellent time bonding and learning how to be a better team for our staff & patients!

#lovewhatyoudo #oralsurgery #FloridaOMFSTeamSpotlight

Florida OMFS
Tampa, Florida

We had relayed that relations between our two locations remain a challenge, and I think your discussion regarding sibling relationships and cousin relationships really helped people see where other team members are coming from.

Thanks again for helping us to recognize and utilize special strengths of team members who were being under-utilized and under-recognized for their contributions to the team. I hope that we can use your input and guidance to become standard foundational principles for our practice for the long term.

Jason Aanenson DDS – Freeman Parkston Dental Center

It’s been wonderful since our Culture Camp. The air is amazing…it went from drama to no drama. The spirit of helping one another I have not seen in the past!

Dr Darrell Tew
SunRidge Oral Surgery

Judy Kay…. I can’t say enough about her! We have had the pleasure of having her in our office for 3 Culture Camps! And each one has been amazing. Judy Kay connects directly with each team member, lead and doctor. She is neutral, observant, honest and uplifting. She brought us back to WHY we are here and WHAT we all agree to do to continue in a thriving culture. It is not just for our patients and for our referring offices, it is also for each other. We walk through the door everyday living our core values. Reminding ourselves that some sort of conflict will most likely come up. However, it’s important that we are able to have open conversations with one another. The atmosphere and attitudes since our last Culture Camp has been wonderful. We are a TEAM. We remind each other that we’re appreciated, all the while, reminding each other to be accountable. What is our Bare Attitude Minimum (B.A.M.)? What is our Bare Performance Minimum (B.P.M.)? She makes herself available to consult with any time. I would have her here once a year (or more) if I could! Next door would be even better!

Dana Woods
Practice Administrator
Sun Ridge Oral Surgery

Judy Kay's Culture Camp helped our leadership team and entire staff create a clearer vision for our office and staff culture. We are excited to keep pushing forward with positive energy and intention to continue to build on the foundation we were able to lay with Judy Kay. Through observation, Judy Kay was able to shine a light on areas with room for improvement all while helping to highlight staff and leadership with excellence and potential! We are very happy with the success of our Culture Camp, and we highly recommend Judy Kay!"

Andrea, Office Manager
Boeding, Speltz & Wernimont Family Dentistry

Simply stated, Judy Kay is a ray of sunshine that will give you the swift kick in the tail that you and your dental practice desperately need. Her personality is vibrant, positive, and magnetic, making her incredibly easy to talk to. She is extremely knowledgeable and encourages you to ask yourself hard questions about the current state of your business, relationships, goals, and yourself. She will observe the flow and working relationships of the entire staff, factor the different dynamics in play, and will give you her honest opinions based on those observations. Our office has had the pleasure of working with Judy Kay on three separate occasions, each time facilitating major transitions. The first transition being a change in practice leadership, the second being a change in location, and the third visit we had many new staff members and wanted guidance on streamlining the cohesiveness of our whole team. She is such a pleasure, and we would recommend her services to any and every dental practice that wants to provide the best care possible for both their staff and patients. Whether your practice is also navigating transitions or could just use a fresh perspective on how to keep moving forward most effectively, call her up and get your butt kicked in the best possible way!

Thanks so much!

The Guthrie Dental Team 

Time has flown Judy Kay! Feels like yesterday you came to join us in Walnut Creek, and we all sat in the conference room filled with emotion. With your guidance we were able to map out and create our practice culture. All the growth the office has had since then is amazing. I am forever grateful for the path you have led us down. Team really is everything!

Elaina Wharton – Practice Administrator, Dr Ali Alijanian

“Our culture camp with Judy was a huge success! Judy was very effective at getting the entire team to work together and take ownership of the actions needed to make our practice even more successful. All too often we focus on the financial aspects of the practice, and this camp helped me realize there is much more that needs to happen to make the practice productive and rewarding for the team. We are looking forward to what our practice can become with her help!”

Dr Justin Damron, Owner, Southeastern Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Associates

“Judy Kay Mausolf is amazing! Out team Culture Camp was so informative and uplifting. Her great energy, expertise and message brought so many wonderful ideas for a successful future together as a team. Thank you, Judy Kay!

Sara May, Practice Administrator, Southeastern Oral, and Maxillofacial Surgery Assoc.

I have watched you for several years now and always attend your lectures at AADOM. However, you are even more amazing in person, which is exactly what I expected. You helped us make a lot of changes today at our Culture Camp. People saw more in themselves than they knew was there, and for that, I will be forever grateful.

Samantha Nichols, FAADOM - Practice Manager at Dodson & Royzenblat Endodontics

Rachel Wall – Owner Inspired Hygiene

Last week was one for the books for our team! Judy Kay Mausolf 's culture camp has helped transform our already great team into an awesome one! She offers personalized solutions to all your inner office quirks to help re-unite your team and get back to your practice's core values. Her positive attitude and radiant energy are truly contagious! O.R.A.N.G.E. is no longer just a color but a beautiful reminder to celebrate each day! HUGE Thank You to Judy Kay!

756 Endo

Judy Kay has been to our office three different times, and she ALWAYS leaves it in a better place than when she arrived. The trust and communication levels within Reuter Family Dentistry continue to strengthen with each visit. She has a unique ability to provide the leadership team with a better understanding of how the team is perceiving their actions, WHILE AT THE SAME TIME providing clarity to the team regarding the actions of the leadership group (why they do things, what the purpose is, etc.) AH HA moments like these are essential to the progress of relationships, which are the life blood of any business/team culture.

One thing that makes her unique is her ability to address office procedures and policies that are causing strain on the office's culture. She not only leaves the office with tools for a better work environment, but also provides tweaks to policies and procedures that allow us to function at a higher level for our patients and team. This is tremendous value add! One more thing, she is an awesome person who I genuinely enjoy spending time with! ??

Ryan Reuter

We recently had Judy come to our office for our third culture camp. We have continued to improve our culture and office processes with Judy's help. She has so much experience and knowledge in the dental field that I feel like she can help with any concern or issue, not just culture. This makes her input customized for our office and current situation, which is different from the cookie cutter approach we have received from previous consultants. Our team members trust her because she genuinely cares. She is truly one of a kind and has been a huge blessing to our practice.

Dr. Heidi Reuter

We cannot say enough positive things about Judy Kay and her Culture Camp. It was the perfect way to start the new year with our team - refocusing on our core values and figuring out new ways to help each other and grow as a team. Judy Kay is thoughtful, observant, and she truly feels like a part of our team! She gave us a great mixture of feedback - some changes we have been able to implement and see immediate results, and others we will continue working on for the long-term success of our practice. She brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and connections that are invaluable! We would definitely recommend her services!

Dr. Emerson Godbolt

Yesterday we had a fantastic day with Judy Kay Mausolf. She facilitated a Culture Camp for Inspired Hygiene and I could not be happier with our experience.

If you’ve worked with your team for any amount of time, there are communication and culture breakdowns that occur. It’s just part of long-term relationships. And these relationships are worth investing in.

As additional, fantastic coaches have recently joined our team, I wanted to be sure we bring them our best selves with solid communication and a positive culture.

Just like our clients invest in working with IH, we also invest in working with the best.

Thank you to my team for open hearts & minds and thank you Judy Kay. You rock!!

Rachel Wall – CEO – Inspired Hygiene

Hi Judy,

Judy Kay’s Culture Camp was a great opportunity to bring the management team and staff together! Judy Kay provided a very interactive and honest experience for the entire team. She helped us identify areas we need to improve on and provided us with the tools to hold ourselves and each other accountable. It was important for the entire team to be a part of openly communicating areas of concern and solutions. Judy Kay is very knowledgeable and her positivity is contagious. Thank you, Judy Kay, for an awesome experience!

Holly Newhouse – Administrator - Kalamazoo Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, PC

Hi Judy,

Once again thank you for your time. As you know this year has been quite the challenge as far as hiring, training, keeping staff and motivating them. With your help my team has pulled it together with helping each other and appreciating that everyone works hard. Not one works harder than the other. In addition, your tower building event was the highlight. It demonstrated that everyone is an integral part of making the practice work. I look forward to continuing to build a productive, committed, respectful team.

Dr. Maria Gracias – MG Dentistry & Rejuvenation Center

I am so grateful that we had the opportunity to have a Culture Camp at our office led by Judy Kay! She has a way of connecting immediately to the doctors and team and making everyone feel as if she is part of their team as well. She brought great insight and a very positive outlook as she helped us as a team revisit and refocus on our office core values. I truly enjoyed having her and highly recommend her. She is amazing!

Amy Smith, MG Dentistry & Rejuvenation Center

What an amazing experience Judy Kay provided to our practice! Using our core values as the foundation, she brought clarity and cohesiveness to our team on the vision of the practice. She is powerful in her ability to communicate in a way that is non-threatening and without placing a person on the defensive. She keeps it real. She provides tools that allow team members to openly communicate with other team members in a structured way. Team building is essential to the core of any business and this camp puts Leadership and Team in the same boat rowing in the same direction.

Christine Johns, Practice Administrator, Drs Davis & Beyer

Thank you so much for your skill as you assisted our team to clarify our culture and help us define our path forward. You are awesome! Thank you again!!

Dr. Chip Davis

Our Culture Camp experience with Judy Kay was SO much more than ever imagined! She came with her passion to help our office go from a good level to a greater level. Her energy and positive take on everything is genuine, contagious and unforgettable! She has a wealth of knowledge to share. If she doesn't know something - she knows someone who does know and she will connect us to the help needed.

Judy Kay spent time with our leadership and each staff member to where she was able to understand everyone's unique personalities, strengths and areas to grow. She made us all feel special and valued - motivating each of us to challenge ourselves for positive growth and many immediate changes. The 3 days were a treasure to us all and just the boost we all craved to move our office to a higher level. We highly recommend Judy Kay. She is awesome!

Johanna Hyland - Office Manager, Dr. Lynn C. Hyland Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

This year has been one to remember, reflect and grow. It was time to regroup and our team committed to bring a ray of a sunshine through our doors to relight the vision and our core values of our practice.

Over the last 3 days, we had the pleasure to revisit all this with our facilitator and friend, Judy Kay. Judy Kay took individual time with each team member and brought it all together in a collaborative journey of trust, communication, and team work. We succeeded on actual concerns with open conversation, realistic resolutions, and commitment to a better process and culture. I’m amazed on the interaction, wisdom, and trust conveyed with the truly thoughtful discussion and purposeful activities.

Thank you Judy Kay and Practice Solutions! I highly recommend a culture camp to bring you and your team to your best!

Dr. Scott Hannaman

We recently had our second Culture Camp and it absolutely reinforced and built on our first session. Judy Kay' effervescence brightens the room from the moment she enters. You can immediately sense she provides a safe space for listening, speaking, learning and growing as a team. She takes the time to analyze what needs to change and then creates attainable goals for the individuals and team to reach. She instructs members of the team how to openly and properly communicate in order to create a more harmonious work environment. She is able to tackle any obstacle with finesse and ease. Her caring nature towards the people she encounters is blindingly apparent throughout the entire process. The success of the individuals, the teams, and the practice is in large part from the passion for her job that exudes from every word or action of Judy Kay's. We're already planning for Culture Camp #3. Thank you Judy Kay!

Robyn Rossetter, Dr. Keo's Amazing Smiles

One a year ago today we were relaunching our business stepping into uncertainty armed with blind faith, perseverance, and that entrepreneurial fighting spirit. This would not have been possible without your support and guidance. Deepest appreciation and gratitude my dear friend.

Christi Bintliff, Practice Administrator/FAADOM

With the culture camp the best part for me was the feeling of togetherness. My job requires me talk on the phone to the other front desk so much on a daily basis but at the same time we can feel like two different worlds. During culture camp I felt we could really connect as human beings on the same team and longing for the same goal of success.

More importantly, I felt I gained life lessons that I can apply throughout my life. I have learned coping mechanisms and ways to deal with things that can cause me stress or anxiety socially. I am already using these new tools to encourage myself to keep a positive outlook and remind myself of my worth and value.

Catherine Smutko

Judy Kay, thank you for your recent visit to our offices. I think that your assessment and prescribed recommendations were spot on. I've always enjoyed a professional, fun, friendly & goal oriented atmosphere in my practice, however with the rapid growth that culture has been increasingly difficult to maintain. I believe your Culture Camp has refocused us collectively, and put us all on the correct path to regain that atmosphere again. Thanks again.

Dr. George Jones - Sunset & Southport Dental

Judy Kay's positive energy takes over any room! Her passion and excitement to help others is immediately felt as soon as you meet her. She was determined from the second we met to fully understand my concerns and my need to want to help my team realize their true potential and the impact a caring harmonious work environment provides. Our goal is for our team members to always feel valued and fully supported by both the organization and each other so that they may be encouraged and thrive. Judy Kay displayed this message boldly during her time with us.

My favorite characteristics of many about Judy Kay is that she's intentional. She genuinely cares about people and leaves no stone unturned to help others help themselves. She attentively listens and really seeks to understand and see both where others are coming from and where they want to be. This approach helped guide us through the process in a positive team oriented way. We have a wonderful team that consist of 2 doctors and 16 team members. We love our team and indeed function like a true family. That said, like any family it is easy to lose focus and allow circumstances to cause tension and miscommunication between team members. Judy Kay's excellent communication skills helped our team understand and retain the importance of coming from a place of care and concern and not of judgement and criticism when communicating with each other. This perspective shift has been a game changer for our office! Her caring approach to even the most difficult of topics always came across with such grace that our entire team was receptive and responsive without ever feeling judged. This made every second of our time together extremely productive and quickly gained her the respect and trust of everyone in the room. Her exercises/activities were fun and ensured full team engagement and interaction from all team members. This not only made everyone realize how important they are but also reminded them that we care for them and that their voices matter. The team now sees that they have the power to impact their environment and that we need their help to make this a great place to work so we can best serve our patients.

Judy Kay is vested and determined to help others succeed. Her passion is so evident, it enables her to be both, self-confident and humble, as she changes lives one group at a time.

"Treat each other better than you treat your patients". This has changed everything. Thank you Judy Kay for helping us regroup and remember how important it is to take care and help each other because in doing so can we can bring  forth our best self.

Dr. Duongvannak Keo, Dr. Jaciel Ferrera and the Amazing Smiles of Merritt Island Team

This is the second time we have invited Judy Kay into our practice to help us find our way through some troubled water. We love her! She is a dynamic speaker and has such a way with words. She opens your mind to a different way of thinking, about how to build and foster strong and trusting relationships, and different ways to approach and communicate with people in a positive and results-driven manner. The advice and coaching Judy Kay brings to the table not only helps us navigate through the muddy waters in our practice, but they apply to life in the outside world too. We have some work to do. Our practice dynamics and culture have changed considerably since Judy Kay was here 1 ½ years ago. We’ve had long-term employee turnover. The world has changed. There is fear and uncertainty. We have new employees in our practice with different strengths, weaknesses and ideas. Change can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be negative if approached with the right attitude. Judy Kay provided us a road map to move forward and helped us see how to fit the different puzzle pieces (our team) together to achieve the calm and cohesive work environment we strive for while re-focusing our energy back to the quality and caring treatment our patients deserve and trust us to provide. Thank you Judy Kay!

Jay Pierson - Office Manager - Melissa L. Hutchens DDS PA

I've been a client of Judy Kay's since 2017. Turned our practice around and doubled production in 3 years!! I still reach out to her for advice. Full of ideas and just a great wealth of knowledge!! Practice culture is so important and THANKS A MILLION JUDY KAY!!

Rick Guthrie, DDS

Having Judy visit our practice was absolutely one of the best things we have done! We have 3 different offices and a million different staff personalities. Judy was not only able to help us streamline our processes but brought our staff together to a more cohesive unit. Your staff is ultimately what makes or breaks your office and Judy gave us the motivation, ideas and formula to take us to the next level. Highly recommended!

Dr. Michael Foster

Associated Oral & Implant Surgeons

As a growing private group of dental practices, I knew that we needed a solid foundation if we wanted to grow the business. Judy Kay facilitated two Culture Camps with my team when we had four practices with myself and our doctor. During our Culture Camps, we redefined our culture and set expectations for ourselves and the team. Because we had created a solid fun-dation of effective communication, transparency, and core values, we have been able to scale the business in a way we could have only dreamed of. Three years later, we are a very successful DSA (Dental Support Alliance) at twelve practices and growing rapidly! I attribute a great deal of our success to the tools and resources we learned from Judy Kay. We had the building blocks needed to grow successfully and were able to identify areas we needed to address before scaling the business. She has an amazing way of enhancing the things that you are already accomplishing and shedding light on the challenges that you may be facing. Her authenticity and continued support have been astounding. I highly recommend working with Judy Kay. You will be amazed when you see for yourself what you can accomplish with a solid foundation, healthy culture and her support!

Jennifer Steadman, BSDH, RDH, FAADOM

Director of Operations and Business Development

Judy Kay is fantastic, she’s honest and has great vision. It’s always great to have someone give you truthful advice. The world of full of people pandering to our emotions and worried about offending, grateful for honesty and transparency. If you really want to improve your life you need more people and friends like Judy Kay who will identify areas to improve and help you work on them. Plenty of positive energy to tackle weakness, a model to change our lives as individuals.

Dr. Nathan Wells

Associated Oral & Implant Surgeons

Judy Kay Mausolf is a true gem! She is an exceptional performance coach who specializes in helping teams to function at higher levels. Our Judy Kay culture camp experience was simply AMAZING! The process had so many facets. It was inspiring, illuminating, educational, thought-provoking, cathartic and, most of all, FUN!

Judy Kay is extremely gifted in understanding how we interact and where we can improve. She is a powerful communicator who teaches with tremendous clarity. It has been astounding to observe her skills in assessing and inspiring others. With her unique guidance, we were able to co-create a customized plan specifically designed to address our team’s needs.

The culture camp instilled a great desire to improve as a team. It was so powerful that we started to improve immediately. We are so excited to implement the tools we’ve been given.

Judy Kay walks her talk and is the real deal! She genuinely cares about helping teams become healthier and more productive. Her message resonated deeply with us.

I encourage any team that wishes to become stronger and more cohesive to contact Judy Kay. As I said in the beginning, she is a true gem who can and will help you!

Dr. Darrell Kay Tew

SunRidge Oral Surgery

Yakima, WA

After listening to Judy Kay speak at 2 different conferences, I knew we had to have her! Immediately on day one, she spoke with each team member individually and observed our daily flow. Each night she met with the leadership team and shared insight and knowledge that may have otherwise gone unnoticed or addressed. The day of the Culture Camp was phenomenal! Starting with 4 core values, we, as a team, learned and agreed to effectively communicate, streamline workflow and work together for the best outcome for the patients, the practice and the team. Judy Kay is an honest, realistic advocate for the practice as a whole, all the while having fun and implementing positivity. After the Culture Camp, she still makes herself available if and when needed to keep the momentum going forward that was created as a team. I can not wait to have her back again for our 2nd Culture Camp! We are truly blessed to be able to experience her passion.

Dana Woods – Practice Administrator - SunRidge Oral Surgery

I am so grateful I went to see her speak for the first time in San Antonio at the AAPD. As a previous practice manager herself, from the moment she came to spend time with myself and my team for our very first culture camp in 2016, she immediately earned the attention and respect of my employees. I had recently purchased a practice and inherited a veteran staff and we were able to work through so many emotions, expectations, and assumptions that had been pent up for a long time. Our first culture camp helped us begin our journey to an amazing and cohesive team. Not only do we take pride in our team and practice, our patients and families constantly remark on the respect and teamwork they witness whenever they come into our office. It is something that makes me extremely proud.

We continue to improve on our teamwork and communication skills daily, and most recently we had Judy Kay come back to help us transition to a new office space at the same time of implementing new COVID protocols and routines. Judy Kay helped us get organized to mitigate the anxiety and fear of change and new things at such an uncertain time in our profession.

We have been thriving as a team together thanks to the discussions that Judy Kay facilitated, and the communication skills Judy Kay has helped foster in us while respecting each other at the same time. Judy Kay has honestly helped align our attitudes and focus on what is important to us as a hard-working team that loves taking care of our patients.

I would recommend Judy Kay to everyone who values the importance of a cohesive team and cares about the integrity of their practice and profession. She has helped us communicate better with each other and our patients, increase efficiency, and deliver exceptional customer service by first caring about and respecting each other.

Dr. Kerry Dove - Concord Pediatric Dentistry

Judy Kay is exactly what we hoped for after listening to her dynamic presentation at the AAOMS conference last year. As a multi-site, multi-doctor organization that is growing rapidly, we have phenomenal staff, but our communication was very inconsistent across the board. This led to ineffective decision making, frustrations with staff and doctors, and we had not been able to execute to our highest potential. Although patient care was excellent and the staff were very knowledgeable, each day felt chaotic and exhausting to say the least. Judy Kay was able to come in, quickly build trust with the doctors and team, and re-calibrate our mindset while helping us to define more effective communication workflows. She also helped address and remove barriers with our decision making processes to become more streamline, timely, and effective. The team was hesitant (and somewhat skeptical) leading up to her arrival but they came away very impressed, focused, and re-energized. I would highly recommend Judy Kay if any of these issues describe the current state of your practice. As we learned, great people don’t always correlate with great results. But having the right communication and decision-making processes can transform every aspect of your business to get the most out of your staff for the benefit of patient care. Thank you so much Judy Kay! Your experience is invaluable to our practice’s resurgence. You certainly exceeded our expectations!

Thank you so much for the experience Judy Kay.

Daniel M. Tackling - Director of Operations AOIS

Every dental office dreams of becoming a “Best Practice”. You hear that word and wonder how you can get your office to get to the highest level there is in the dental community. Well, I can tell you not only how you can become a “Best Practice”, but I can tell you how to become “Exceptional” within this prestigious level!!! Team up with Judy Kay Mausolf and let her take your team and practice to a level you only dreamed you could become.

Judy Kay’s “Culture Camp” was an unbelievable experience for our entire team. From the 4 doctors, 7 hygienists, 7 dental assistants, and 7 business team members, we became much better communicators, better problem solvers, and a more cohesive team!!

A few highlights from our time with Judy Kay consisted of
• Knowing our core values and showing how to use them in our practice every day.
• Judy Kay helped us see things in a whole new way, we looked at ourselves and each other differently and more clearly.
• We grew so much as a TOTAL cohesive team
• The air is lighter and the vibe is happier. (And we thought we were happy before!!) Being happy shows when a patient walks in the office. They can feel the vibe of the office immediately.
• It’s been 4 weeks since Judy Kay was here in Raleigh and we still feel the difference she has made to our office. That is a hard thing to do. Usually after a team experience, everyone goes back to their bad habits after a week or so, but not with Judy Kay. She taught us ways to keep striving to be the best we can be and keep our practice running like a well-oiled machine!

I will close this by saying that there is only one word that describes our team’s experience with Judy Kay….. and that word is... “EXCEPTIONAL”!

Thank you so much for the experience Judy Kay.

Debbie Evans -Practice Administrator, VP Wainright & Wassel DDS, Raleigh, NC 27615

Hiring a quality new team member has always been a challenge in our office and we had to sift through a lot of poor applicants to glean the members we were looking for. Judy Kay made this process virtually painless. She met with us to design an ad to focus on the qualities we were looking for and she monitored, screened, and even interviewed the applicants for us. I now have added an in office coordinator with all the qualities Judy Kay and I had discusses and I couldn’t be happier. We are set to take our practice to another level.

~Mark Malterud, DDS, MAGD—St. Paul, MN.

Yesterday, our practice was fortunate enough to experience a Culture Camp team building workshop facilitated by the fabulous Judy Kay Mausolf! It was a truly incredible experience filled with encouragement, laughter and group exercises to help us develop into an even stronger team to serve our patients. What an amazing day! Thank you, Judy Kay!!

Wainright & Wassel DDS

Judy Kay’s energy is contagious, and her knowledge about how to transform the workplace is invaluable. Our team was delighted to have her. She helped us focus in on what our practice values are, and directed us to move forward from that starting point. The following day, she spoke to about 200 dental community professionals. Her presentation was dynamic, interesting and informative. She is an engaging speaker. Participants commented on how quickly the time passed during the seminar. One last thing I appreciated about working with Judy Kay is that she followed up with notes and suggestions specific to our practice. We also had a closure meeting at the end of her visit with us. If you are considering having Judy Kay to your area for some of her services you will not be disappointed! I am looking forward to seeing and hearing her speak again in the future, perhaps at the next AAOMS meeting! Thank you Judy Kay!

Deb Poupard – Midland OMFS

I see a significant difference in our office. The Culture Camp helped us to see that others are doing this without the same stressors we are putting on ourselves. We refer back to the Culture Camp notes in a lot of ways. When we are trying to implement new things and trying to get away from old negative habits.

Alley Harrington - Practice Administrator
Dr.'s Greene, Torio, Decoteau, Madden, & Burk

Judy K is so amazing and inspirational she helped bring our team together and change our culture at OOFS. She was so great to work with that I have already booked her for next year. Her encouragement and leadership should be heard by every dental team. The best part about it is she is always available via phone or text if you need her. I honestly think she is one of a kind, we love her!

Vera Lantigua, Practice Manager
Orlando Oral & Facial Surgery

It was great having Judy Kay here with the whole team together to hear her message and make agreements. These agreements are important to us and we now have something to resort back when the day goes off course. The Culture Camp helped us set a solid foundation and get us all on the same page. We are very excited for our future path!

Vicki Balk – Practice Administrator
Nerness Endodontics

Judy Kay is Awesome! Everyone needs her is their office!

She has a way of connecting with team members, that makes them want to be the best they can be! Her Culture Camp helped to create open communication and accountability for our team!

We have seen a great improvement with more team engagement.

Denise Coyne, Office Manager
Quad City Orthodontics

We have a very good practice in Cambridge, MN and have been in business for over 15 years. Many of our employees have been with us since we opened. As such, we have our challenges. Most of these stem from our close knit “family” group of employees and the amount of time we have spent together – inside and outside of work. We have worked together for a long time and at some point we had begun to accept each other’s attitudes, inefficiencies, and difficulties.

Judy Kay’s Culture Camp was everything and more than what we had hoped for. Judy Kay got our team engaged. Although tough at times, she kept us focused and on track. Judy Kay praised us and let us know what we were doing right. She also helped us map a plan that included communication agreements, gossip agreements, brought us back to morning huddles, and leadership meetings. Judy Kay pointed out some key things we could and should work on as management and as a team. She brought appreciation and accountability back into our daily work lives. She opened our minds that little things matter. Not only are many of these points of discussion important in our work life, but they carry on through our personal lives as well.

Thanks to Judy Kay, we have a roadmap to follow and everyone is on board. We look forward to making our good practice great. Thank you Judy Kay!

Jay Pierson, Office Manager
Dr. Melissa Hutchens, DDS PA

Cheers to a connection my team now has after Judy Kay’s Culture Camp. We defined our goals and expectations. Since that time, communication and attitudes have improved. We are all trying to see the best in each other. It sure makes work a lot more fun

Dr. Anne B. Richards
Quad City Orthodontics

Judy Kay and her magic wand came into our office and hosted her Culture Camp It was an enlightening camp that helped bring a breath of fresh air back into all of us. She helped bring awareness and build accountability to us all. She helped all of us realize how it is possible to stay strong and continue to work as a team as well as give us some ideas on better communication between each other. Personally I feel that every office should partake in her Culture Camp at least once if not yearly. It was useful having an outside voice to help communicate truth and build some new rules together on future expectations.

Frana-Jack Beciri
Quad City Orthodontics

Our practice worked with Judy Kay on leadership and communication within our office. I cannot begin to express the impact it had on all of us. The experience was both fun and transformational. Communication had become a real problem within the office, affecting morale and prompting us ask Judy Kay for help. We were amazed by her skill of assessing our practice and the individuals that make up our team. With her help, we have made significant strides toward a more harmonious and productive work atmosphere. We are excited about the progress we have made and the future of our practice. Thank you, Judy Kay! You are the best!

Dr. Scott Wagnild
Northern Lakes Dental and Implant Center

I am so thankful for you, Judy Kay… I was in the dark at my office not knowing that people perceived me as rude and unapproachable. Instead of shutting down - or crying - you coached me into realizing it’s fixable. It’s all about changing their perceptions of me by being more transparent, friendly, and personable. Who knew you could be the same person at work than you are at home?! (Not me, apparently). Your Culture Camp really helped me mend these work relationships and even build trust! I feel like a totally different office manager, and again, it’s because of you!

Melissa Johnston| Office Manager
Concord Pediatric Dentistry

As a young and new practice owner, Judy Kay has been an invaluable resource for me. Team management is not anything they teach you in dental school, so I was at a complete loss of how to handle a well-established team when I bought my practice in 2014. Judy Kay helped me connect with the team I inherited and communicate effectively through our transition together. I believe the teamwork in my office has improved drastically after our time with Judy Kay. We look forward to our visits from Judy Kay, and can't wait to show off all that we accomplish together in between culture camps.

I first heard Judy Kay speak in San Antonio at the AAPD Annual Session and what drew me to Judy Kay immediately, aside from her warm, embracing nature, was her experience and work history as a team member and office manager herself. I felt this aspect was most important if I was going to bring her in to enhance our team dynamic. It was extremely important to me to have a practice consultant that knows where my own team is coming from. Judy Kay has a gift in clicking with teams in a short period of time. She relates so well to people, builds trust with them and gets them to openly share with her right off the bat.

The insight she had into the dynamics of our office culture in such a short period of time is remarkable. I am extremely grateful I walked into her lecture in 2015 and will continue to use her to help hold myself and my team to the standards we have set for ourselves with her help! Thank you just doesn't seem like enough to convey my gratitude to Judy Kay Mausolf and all she has done to help me develop my leadership skills, conflict management skills, communication skills, and above all my confidence as a practice owner.

Dr. Kerry Dove – Concord Pediatric Dentistry

I cannot express in words how amazing Judy Kay Mausolf is . She is very knowledgeable, energetic and just an awesome person. She has opened up my eyes to many things that will help me create an amazing team . Thank you!

Vera Lantigua – Practice Administrator – Orlando Oral Facial Surgery

Thank you Judy Kay for your energy, guidance and happiness! I enjoyed every moment with you. Your encouragement and leadership have given me the confidence to lead my team and be the best person I can be regardless of the situation. #behappy #lifeisshort #familymattersmost

~Dr. Claire Mielke Rogness

Thank you for reminding me why I love my work and helping me see how to reset personally and professionally. I know the information you shared will have a positive impact and guide our team to make those much needed changes. Blessings and Joy to you as you continue in your life's work.

~Kelly Schroeder DDS, Northern Lakes Dental & Implant Center

I can’t express enough through words the appreciation we have for Judy Kay and what she has done for our office! She came in and helped our clinic come up with a culture of respect, appreciation and open communication. Her insight and ability to connect with staff was amazing and we have a framework to continue providing a work environment that people work effortlessly together for the good of our patients. She was accessible to us at all times and helped us out with all questions and concerns we had before, during, and after our culture day. I highly recommend every office have the opportunity to have Judy Kay come in!

~Maplewood Pediatric Dentistry, Dr Michele Olson

Judy Kay's Culture Camp brought our team of 25 together at a core level. We were already a great team, but her culture camp brought us up to awesome status. With her guidance, our team developed written clear goals and objectives for how we want to interact as a team. She also worked with the leadership team to develop a comprehensive leadership culture unique to our practice. The camp was focused on not only how to improve as a team but also how to be happier humans at work and home. Thank you Judy Kay and High Five to you!

~Dr. Randall Moseng, Dr. Julie Moseng & Dr. Greg Cochrane at River Town Dental

Thank you, Judy Kay for our awesome culture camp this week. You took the time to get to know each and every team member, gave us real solutions and not just a cookie cutter binder full of protocols. I appreciate you helping me to focus on what our team and practice value most, how to make decisions to align with that, and how to be a more effective and accountable leader. You’re a wonderful, positive person and I’m so glad that I have the pleasure of working with you!"

~Dr Carrie Lintner, Owner Lindenwoods Dental

Judy Kay has been SUCH an asset to our practice - for myself as the office manager, the doctors, and our admin + clinical staff! She has helped our office culture with multiple Culture Camps and is always available for questions. I have had various coaching calls with her to discuss processes, ideas, and different situations. I highly, highly, recommend her!

~Melissa Johnston Office Manager, Concord Pediatric Dentistry

Judy Kay spoke at our dental study club a few years ago here in Kansas City. It was one of those energizing meetings where I took most of the staff. Though we weren't ready to really absorb what she was trying to teach us at the time, we knew that what she was saying was fundamentally correct. While trying to work on some of the bare necessities of practice administration and leadership, another consultant came to the conclusion that before we could be successful in implementing her curriculum, we really needed to learn how to work, and communicate better as a team. My abilities as a leader were also of a questionable caliber.

Judy Kay had all of us fill out surveys. She collected and reviewed the data, and then flew in for our Culture Camp. Needless to say the staff were originally skeptical. My accountant was skeptical as well when he saw the contract, but I assured him that she had excellent credentials, and that she was the real thing.

Judy Kay sat down with my wife and me the first night and we just talked. She wove together information about herself, her experience, her work in a dental practice, what she had learned about our office from our surveys all in a very kind, warm, engaging way.

The next day she hung

Judy Kay helped us to identify the obstacles that were holding us back and create solutions customized to our specific team and practice culture. The leadership dinner meetings were the best benefit for me as the owner. We took time to really look at my practice and my role as the leader and decide what I wanted to fix. We identified daily action steps I was prepared to implement to make the biggest impact.

~Rick Guthrie, DDS

We had a great Culture Camp with Judy Kay! She helped to bring our team together, and to direct our focus in the right direction. What I liked most about her compared to other consultants is that she offered solutions to immediately implement. She brought her positive energy, but much more than that. She is very knowledgeable on all aspects of the dental profession. She was very focused and caring, and devoted all of her energy to our practice for the entire length of the Culture Camp. She has also been available to help with any questions or concerns after the Culture Camp. I would highly recommend Judy Kay! She is the best!

~Heidi Reuter, DDS

Culture camp was a great experience for our team and for me as an office manager. I feel like I have purpose back again. Judy Kay helped us align the doctor’s goals and stay on the same page with weekly leadership meetings. I didn’t realize how much time I spent before, tracking doctors down for answers. Our leadership meetings offer efficiency to our communication and we are able to get back to the team with prompt responses. At culture camp, Judy Kay clearly defined my role so that everyone knows where to go with issues and ideas. We also defined the purpose of our team meetings so that they can be more productive.

Above all, our previous culture needed a lift. We have a team that has worked together a very long time. We were not communicating enough on day to day issues. Trust level was low and gossip much too present. At our culture camp, the team was involved in the process of creating our new culture and committed to the results. Relevant examples and simple to use concepts helped us hit the ground running on the first day after camp.

I also learned valuable skills for dealing with team conflict. Judy Kay has realistic ways for our team to be more accountable for themselves. She helped me take emotions out of the resolution process. I would recommend culture camp to any team!

~Julie Nord – Practice Administrator, New Ulm Dental Clinic

We have been working with Judy Kay for many years so this testimonial is evidenced based. Words cannot describe the impact this individual has made on our team. She has managed to change the culture of our practice and bring out the full potential in every team member. Because of her we now have the best team environment that we could have imagined and continues to improve each day. Our team morale, efficiency, and communication skills have all developed tremendously resulting in increased productivity and happy patients. I highly recommend Judy Kay for any practice facing team.

~Dr. Ali Alijanian & Team

I have worked with several consultants over the years, and Judy Kay Mausolf stands shoulders above with her unique approach to consulting and team building. Her approach is more about letting you find the gem within and reminding you of our limitless potential. She has impacted my team and raised the bar so much such that my team refer to her as the best consultant we have ever had.

Emmanuel (Manny) Ngoh, D.M.D., Augusta Endodontic Center

My team and I had a wonderful experience working with Judy Kay for our first ever Culture Camp. She provided us with two days of observation, analysis and discussions. Her commitment to our team was so amazing and she took the time to get to know each member of my team on an individual basis. As my team got to know her, Judy was able to bring out the best in them.

Judy Kay, with the "wave" of her magic wand transformed my team of new and seasoned professionals, giving them one voice, echoing the vision of my practice. The goals that we set during our 2 days with her, opened up lines of communication and began solution driven conversations. Since those momentous 2 days, with continued commitment from my team, my practice has experienced an increased dedication to the patients and the practice.

Judy Kay, I cannot thank you enough for helping me bring out the full potential of my team.


~Julita Patil, DDS

With a wave of her magic wand, Judy Kay transformed my myopic employees into a team with crystal clear vision. That “wave” was really the graduation ceremony of a very intense day, spent digging deep down to uncover the core beliefs that this practice was built on, but had gotten buried in the day to day busyness. She recharged my team with an energy and belief that WE can do more than ME but more importantly, she helped me remember what is important in life and to unburden myself of the “guilt” of leadership, when difficult decisions have to be made.

Thank you Judy Kay.

~J. Alex Bell, Jr., D.M.D.

Words cannot express how thankful I am for you Judy. Not only did you help us create the vision & culture we want as a team, you also taught us how to implement the right strategies that support our vision & culture. We laughed, screamed, & played together as a team. I wish all dental teams could express the passion you have & bring to dentistry. We've rejoiced in many TA-DAH moments & it feels so good.

~Shawn McGlon, CDPMA - Practice Administrator at Family Dental Associates

I would like to enthusiastically recommend Practice Solutions, Inc. and Judy Kay to my colleagues within the private practice of dentistry. In July, our team had the pleasure of hosting Judy Kay at our office for her team building workshop. Judy Kay provided us with two very productive days of observation, analysis, open discussion and an “energy filled” workshop. Her preparation and on-site commitment to making our practice better was appreciated and obvious to all our team members.

Impressively, Judy Kay, in short order, got to know each team member on an individual basis. She was able to use her excellent skills to truly understand and motivate each of us. The result was a rededication and commitment to the process of honestly looking at how we were functioning as a team and to develop a new “culture” moving forward. The process was entirely collaborative and enjoyable. Months later, we are now a more cohesive team. The team shares an increased dedication to our patients and the practice. We are diligent in looking out more closely for each other’s appreciation and enjoyment of our office hours spent together.

As we celebrate or successes at our weekly meeting, I ask the team: “With all our increased effort to support each other in a positive way to deliver the excellence alternative in dentistry to our patients, is anyone expending more energy than before Judy Kay guided us to our new culture?” Each and every team member responds: “no, it’s way more fun and we aren’t working any harder!” There simply could not be a better endorsement for Practice Solutions, Inc. than that.

Stephen D Cooke DDS, Inc.

Having Judy Kay's Culture Camp for our staff was incredible. She tailored the course specifically to our office's needs, kept everyone engaged, and really reinvigorated everyone's desire to work toward the common goal of WOW service and the absolute best patient care. She helped the staff dig deep to improve our communication amongst ourselves as well. We had a great time, and all learned a lot!

Barbara Nankin DDS

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