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Coaching Testimonials

We were so fortunate to have the privilege of hosting a team day with Judy Kay! It was an absolutely amazing day filled with energy and positivity. Judy Kay was able to present predictable systems, communication techniques, patient experience and team work all with common sense, enthusiasm and predictability. It was such an impactful day for us professionally and personally. Judy Kay was able to help us refocus and move forward with energy and great communication tools. The way she took time with our team as a group but also the individual attention she gave was heartfelt and informative. I have heard numerous times since our event how thankful out team was for this opportunity and how much it has helped them in the office and at home ??

Tammy Kevin

Director of Operations, Keystone Dental Partners

I first heard Judy Kay at my state's annual meeting in 2019 and really appreciated the energy she brought to her CE class. I attended it by myself but kept thinking how helpful it would be to attend a Judy Kay class with my entire team. I got to experience that with my team a few weeks ago when Judy Kay presented at my local dental society's meeting. Her course was engaging, fun, and full of energy! It gave me and my team the tools we could use to improve our team communication. It also helped me see things differently to be a more effective leader of my team, especially when it comes to addressing hard topics with team members that aren't performing well. Thank you, Judy Kay, for everything!

We had Judy Kay come and speak at our annual meeting in which we invite the dental offices around our area. We had the most Fun, Informative, Learning and Interactive Mtg ever! Judy Kay had us thinking, laughing, sharing and even singing. She taught us how to communicate better and shared some of her stories. We highly recommend her to come visit you!!

Thanks Judy Kay!!

Dr. Fortman and Team

Judy Kay’s energy is contagious, and her knowledge about how to transform the workplace is invaluable. Our team was delighted to have her. She helped us focus in on what our practice values are, and directed us to move forward from that starting point. The following day, she spoke to about 200 dental community professionals. Her presentation was dynamic, interesting and informative. She is an engaging speaker. Participants commented on how quickly the time passed during the seminar. One last thing I appreciated about working with Judy Kay is that she followed up with notes and suggestions specific to our practice. We also had a closure meeting at the end of her visit with us. If you are considering having Judy Kay to your area for some of her services you will not be disappointed! I am looking forward to seeing and hearing her speak again in the future, perhaps at the next AAOMS meeting! Thank you Judy Kay!

Deb Poupard – Midland OMFS

I see a significant difference in our office. The Culture Camp helped us to see that others are doing this without the same stressors we are putting on ourselves. We refer back to the Culture Camp notes in a lot of ways. When we are trying to implement new things and trying to get away from old negative habits.

Alley Harrington - Practice Administrator
Dr.'s Greene, Torio, Decoteau, Madden, & Burk

Judy K is so amazing and inspirational she helped bring our team together and change our culture at OOFS. She was so great to work with that I have already booked her for next year. Her encouragement and leadership should be heard by every dental team. The best part about it is she is always available via phone or text if you need her. I honestly think she is one of a kind, we love her!

Vera Lantigua, Practice Manager
Orlando Oral & Facial Surgery

It was great having Judy Kay here with the whole team together to hear her message and make agreements. These agreements are important to us and we now have something to resort back when the day goes off course. The Culture Camp helped us set a solid foundation and get us all on the same page. We are very excited for our future path!

Vicki Balk – Practice Administrator
Nerness Endodontics

Judy Kay is Awesome! Everyone needs her is their office!

She has a way of connecting with team members, that makes them want to be the best they can be! Her Culture Camp helped to create open communication and accountability for our team!

We have seen a great improvement with more team engagement.

Denise Coyne, Office Manager
Quad City Orthodontics

We have a very good practice in Cambridge, MN and have been in business for over 15 years. Many of our employees have been with us since we opened. As such, we have our challenges. Most of these stem from our close knit “family” group of employees and the amount of time we have spent together – inside and outside of work. We have worked together for a long time and at some point we had begun to accept each other’s attitudes, inefficiencies, and difficulties.

Judy Kay’s Culture Camp was everything and more than what we had hoped for. Judy Kay got our team engaged. Although tough at times, she kept us focused and on track. Judy Kay praised us and let us know what we were doing right. She also helped us map a plan that included communication agreements, gossip agreements, brought us back to morning huddles, and leadership meetings. Judy Kay pointed out some key things we could and should work on as management and as a team. She brought appreciation and accountability back into our daily work lives. She opened our minds that little things matter. Not only are many of these points of discussion important in our work life, but they carry on through our personal lives as well.

Thanks to Judy Kay, we have a roadmap to follow and everyone is on board. We look forward to making our good practice great. Thank you Judy Kay!

Jay Pierson, Office Manager
Dr. Melissa Hutchens, DDS PA

Cheers to a connection my team now has after Judy Kay’s Culture Camp. We defined our goals and expectations. Since that time, communication and attitudes have improved. We are all trying to see the best in each other. It sure makes work a lot more fun

Dr. Anne B. Richards
Quad City Orthodontics

Judy Kay and her magic wand came into our office and hosted her Culture Camp It was an enlightening camp that helped bring a breath of fresh air back into all of us. She helped bring awareness and build accountability to us all. She helped all of us realize how it is possible to stay strong and continue to work as a team as well as give us some ideas on better communication between each other. Personally I feel that every office should partake in her Culture Camp at least once if not yearly. It was useful having an outside voice to help communicate truth and build some new rules together on future expectations.

Frana-Jack Beciri
Quad City Orthodontics

Our practice worked with Judy Kay on leadership and communication within our office. I cannot begin to express the impact it had on all of us. The experience was both fun and transformational. Communication had become a real problem within the office, affecting morale and prompting us ask Judy Kay for help. We were amazed by her skill of assessing our practice and the individuals that make up our team. With her help, we have made significant strides toward a more harmonious and productive work atmosphere. We are excited about the progress we have made and the future of our practice. Thank you, Judy Kay! You are the best!

Dr. Scott Wagnild
Northern Lakes Dental and Implant Center

I am so thankful for you, Judy Kay… I was in the dark at my office not knowing that people perceived me as rude and unapproachable. Instead of shutting down - or crying - you coached me into realizing it’s fixable. It’s all about changing their perceptions of me by being more transparent, friendly, and personable. Who knew you could be the same person at work than you are at home?! (Not me, apparently). Your Culture Camp really helped me mend these work relationships and even build trust! I feel like a totally different office manager, and again, it’s because of you!

Melissa Johnston| Office Manager
Concord Pediatric Dentistry

As a young and new practice owner, Judy Kay has been an invaluable resource for me. Team management is not anything they teach you in dental school, so I was at a complete loss of how to handle a well-established team when I bought my practice in 2014. Judy Kay helped me connect with the team I inherited and communicate effectively through our transition together. I believe the teamwork in my office has improved drastically after our time with Judy Kay. We look forward to our visits from Judy Kay, and can't wait to show off all that we accomplish together in between culture camps.

I first heard Judy Kay speak in San Antonio at the AAPD Annual Session and what drew me to Judy Kay immediately, aside from her warm, embracing nature, was her experience and work history as a team member and office manager herself. I felt this aspect was most important if I was going to bring her in to enhance our team dynamic. It was extremely important to me to have a practice consultant that knows where my own team is coming from. Judy Kay has a gift in clicking with teams in a short period of time. She relates so well to people, builds trust with them and gets them to openly share with her right off the bat.

The insight she had into the dynamics of our office culture in such a short period of time is remarkable. I am extremely grateful I walked into her lecture in 2015 and will continue to use her to help hold myself and my team to the standards we have set for ourselves with her help! Thank you just doesn't seem like enough to convey my gratitude to Judy Kay Mausolf and all she has done to help me develop my leadership skills, conflict management skills, communication skills, and above all my confidence as a practice owner.

Dr. Kerry Dove – Concord Pediatric Dentistry

I cannot express in words how amazing Judy Kay Mausolf is . She is very knowledgeable, energetic and just an awesome person. She has opened up my eyes to many things that will help me create an amazing team . Thank you!

Vera Lantigua – Practice Administrator – Orlando Oral Facial Surgery

Thank you Judy Kay for your energy, guidance and happiness! I enjoyed every moment with you. Your encouragement and leadership have given me the confidence to lead my team and be the best person I can be regardless of the situation. #behappy #lifeisshort #familymattersmost

~Dr. Claire Mielke Rogness

Thank you for reminding me why I love my work and helping me see how to reset personally and professionally. I know the information you shared will have a positive impact and guide our team to make those much needed changes. Blessings and Joy to you as you continue in your life's work.

~Kelly Schroeder DDS, Northern Lakes Dental & Implant Center

I can’t express enough through words the appreciation we have for Judy Kay and what she has done for our office! She came in and helped our clinic come up with a culture of respect, appreciation and open communication. Her insight and ability to connect with staff was amazing and we have a framework to continue providing a work environment that people work effortlessly together for the good of our patients. She was accessible to us at all times and helped us out with all questions and concerns we had before, during, and after our culture day. I highly recommend every office have the opportunity to have Judy Kay come in!

~Maplewood Pediatric Dentistry, Dr Michele Olson

Judy Kay's Culture Camp brought our team of 25 together at a core level. We were already a great team, but her culture camp brought us up to awesome status. With her guidance, our team developed written clear goals and objectives for how we want to interact as a team. She also worked with the leadership team to develop a comprehensive leadership culture unique to our practice. The camp was focused on not only how to improve as a team but also how to be happier humans at work and home. Thank you Judy Kay and High Five to you!

~Dr. Randall Moseng, Dr. Julie Moseng & Dr. Greg Cochrane at River Town Dental

Thank you, Judy Kay for our awesome culture camp this week. You took the time to get to know each and every team member, gave us real solutions and not just a cookie cutter binder full of protocols. I appreciate you helping me to focus on what our team and practice value most, how to make decisions to align with that, and how to be a more effective and accountable leader. You’re a wonderful, positive person and I’m so glad that I have the pleasure of working with you!"

~Dr Carrie Lintner, Owner Lindenwoods Dental

Judy Kay has been SUCH an asset to our practice - for myself as the office manager, the doctors, and our admin + clinical staff! She has helped our office culture with multiple Culture Camps and is always available for questions. I have had various coaching calls with her to discuss processes, ideas, and different situations. I highly, highly, recommend her!

~Melissa Johnston Office Manager, Concord Pediatric Dentistry

Judy Kay spoke at our dental study club a few years ago here in Kansas City. It was one of those energizing meetings where I took most of the staff. Though we weren't ready to really absorb what she was trying to teach us at the time, we knew that what she was saying was fundamentally correct. While trying to work on some of the bare necessities of practice administration and leadership, another consultant came to the conclusion that before we could be successful in implementing her curriculum, we really needed to learn how to work, and communicate better as a team. My abilities as a leader were also of a questionable caliber.

Judy Kay had all of us fill out surveys. She collected and reviewed the data, and then flew in for our Culture Camp. Needless to say the staff were originally skeptical. My accountant was skeptical as well when he saw the contract, but I assured him that she had excellent credentials, and that she was the real thing.

Judy Kay sat down with my wife and me the first night and we just talked. She wove together information about herself, her experience, her work in a dental practice, what she had learned about our office from our surveys all in a very kind, warm, engaging way.

The next day she hung out in our practice. I use that phrase intentionally she just hung out, there was no pressure, but she would ask questions, and suggest that we become more aware of this or that, but mostly we just did our work and she watched.

The office was closed the next day and we all gathered bright and early for our team meeting. She had us buy some supplies which she promptly put to work in teaching us how to run a team meeting successfully. She taught us how to keep lines of communication open. How to make sure everyone was heard, and the value of these things. She dug straight into anxieties, she exposed old wounds in the relationships between members of our staff and helped to heal them. The woman was an intellectual and emotional dynamo.

Oh, and Judy Kay is not done with us. In 60 days we do a follow up call. I have this burden now to make sure that I get my ducks in a row, have a couple of good solid office meetings and get this practice of mine headed in the right direction. To sum it up: it's like coaching, therapy, and day camp all rolled into one. It's fast, it's intense, and it's worth every nickel.

~Dr Grant Smith, Prairie Village Dentists

Judy Kay, the Culture Camp at WestShore OMS Specialists was excellent. Every one of us is better today because of your visit. You listened and provided excellent feedback for us both as a group and individually. Can't thank you enough and hope to see you again soon!

~Faith Shaffer Moore, Practice Administrator

Judy Kay helped us to identify the obstacles that were holding us back and create solutions customized to our specific team and practice culture. The leadership dinner meetings were the best benefit for me as the owner. We took time to really look at my practice and my role as the leader and decide what I wanted to fix. We identified daily action steps I was prepared to implement to make the biggest impact.

~Rick Guthrie, DDS

We had a great Culture Camp with Judy Kay! She helped to bring our team together, and to direct our focus in the right direction. What I liked most about her compared to other consultants is that she offered solutions to immediately implement. She brought her positive energy, but much more than that. She is very knowledgeable on all aspects of the dental profession. She was very focused and caring, and devoted all of her energy to our practice for the entire length of the Culture Camp. She has also been available to help with any questions or concerns after the Culture Camp. I would highly recommend Judy Kay! She is the best!

~Heidi Reuter, DDS

No words can describe the excitement & energy you brought to us at Family Dental Associates for our 2nd Culture Camp. You have a wealth of knowledge that will help us continue to grow as individuals & coworkers to deliver the excellence to our patients & each other every day. Thank you is not enough for the leadership skills you have taught me. Because of you Judy Kay I feel empowered to be an outstanding leader to my patients, doctors & team.

~Shawn McGlon, CDPMAPractice Administrator at Family Dental Associates

From the moment I picked Judy Kay up from the airport she was a ray of sunshine! She listened to all my concerns, challenges, and asked questions that made me think. I manage a single owner, group of four practices with thirty team members. Judy Kay was able to visit two of our locations to see our team hard at work. The day before our Culture Camp she observed in one location and worked directly with the team, owner, and myself. The team was very happy to see that she was not there judge, she asked questions and had new and exciting ideas to help assist with daily processes. Each night Judy Kay, the practice owner and I met for leadership dinners. That time was so helpful for me, we discussed her observations from the day and ways the owner and I can grow our leadership team.

The day of the Culture Camp was an amazing experience. Judy Kay facilitated our team in realizing their true potential. The exercises and conversations that followed were something that I had only dreamed of before. Since our Culture Camp, we have been able to implement positive change that the team wants. It is an amazing feeling knowing that we are all on the same page. I am so thankful to Judy Kay for helping us bring our team together and motivating us to be better for our patients but most of all each other.

~Jennifer Steadman, BSDH, RDH, FAADOM, Dentistry by Design

As a new and young practice owner, bringing Judy Kay to my office to work with myself and my team was, hands down, the best investment I have made to date. Judy Kay worked so well to adapt to my style and preferences as well as the nuances of our office team. She is incredibly easy to talk to and her vast experience, knowledge, and insight into all aspects of the day to day operations of dental practice are not only impressive but invaluable! As many practitioners say, 'The dentistry is easy, it's the business and team issues that are the most difficult.' Judy Kay will help you and your team tackle general obstacles such as attitude and conflict resolution practices, as well as specifically target concerns for both you and your team members so you will be able to work together effectively, which in turn allows you to take the best possible care of your patients! I already cannot wait to have her back to see the progress she is helping us make!

~Kerry Dove, DMD, MS—Concord Pediatric Dentistry

Judy Kay’s Culture Camp was a game changer for our office! Our staff has been rejuvenated and has a new sense of purpose! Not only are we communicating better as a team, but we are emphasizing each other’s strengths. I could not have asked for a better experience in re-creating the culture in our office!

~Olivia Smith - Practice Administrator, Pawlus Dental

Culture camp was a great experience for our team and for me as an office manager. I feel like I have purpose back again. Judy Kay helped us align the doctor’s goals and stay on the same page with weekly leadership meetings. I didn’t realize how much time I spent before, tracking doctors down for answers. Our leadership meetings offer efficiency to our communication and we are able to get back to the team with prompt responses. At culture camp, Judy Kay clearly defined my role so that everyone knows where to go with issues and ideas. We also defined the purpose of our team meetings so that they can be more productive.

Above all, our previous culture needed a lift. We have a team that has worked together a very long time. We were not communicating enough on day to day issues. Trust level was low and gossip much too present. At our culture camp, the team was involved in the process of creating our new culture and committed to the results. Relevant examples and simple to use concepts helped us hit the ground running on the first day after camp.

I also learned valuable skills for dealing with team conflict. Judy Kay has realistic ways for our team to be more accountable for themselves. She helped me take emotions out of the resolution process. I would recommend culture camp to any team!

~Julie Nord – Practice Administrator, New Ulm Dental Clinic

We have been working with Judy Kay for many years so this testimonial is evidenced based. Words cannot describe the impact this individual has made on our team. She has managed to change the culture of our practice and bring out the full potential in every team member. Because of her we now have the best team environment that we could have imagined and continues to improve each day. Our team morale, efficiency, and communication skills have all developed tremendously resulting in increased productivity and happy patients. I highly recommend Judy Kay for any practice facing team.

~Dr. Ali Alijanian & Team

I have worked with several consultants over the years, and Judy Kay Mausolf stands shoulders above with her unique approach to consulting and team building. Her approach is more about letting you find the gem within and reminding you of our limitless potential. She has impacted my team and raised the bar so much such that my team refer to her as the best consultant we have ever had.

Emmanuel (Manny) Ngoh, D.M.D., Augusta Endodontic Center

My team and I had a wonderful experience working with Judy Kay for our first ever Culture Camp. She provided us with two days of observation, analysis and discussions. Her commitment to our team was so amazing and she took the time to get to know each member of my team on an individual basis. As my team got to know her, Judy was able to bring out the best in them.

Judy Kay, with the "wave" of her magic wand transformed my team of new and seasoned professionals, giving them one voice, echoing the vision of my practice. The goals that we set during our 2 days with her, opened up lines of communication and began solution driven conversations. Since those momentous 2 days, with continued commitment from my team, my practice has experienced an increased dedication to the patients and the practice.

Judy Kay, I cannot thank you enough for helping me bring out the full potential of my team.


~Julita Patil, DDS

With a wave of her magic wand, Judy Kay transformed my myopic employees into a team with crystal clear vision. That “wave” was really the graduation ceremony of a very intense day, spent digging deep down to uncover the core beliefs that this practice was built on, but had gotten buried in the day to day busyness. She recharged my team with an energy and belief that WE can do more than ME but more importantly, she helped me remember what is important in life and to unburden myself of the “guilt” of leadership, when difficult decisions have to be made.

Thank you Judy Kay.

~J. Alex Bell, Jr., D.M.D.

Words cannot express how thankful I am for you Judy. Not only did you help us create the vision & culture we want as a team, you also taught us how to implement the right strategies that support our vision & culture. We laughed, screamed, & played together as a team. I wish all dental teams could express the passion you have & bring to dentistry. We've rejoiced in many TA-DAH moments & it feels so good.

~Shawn McGlon, CDPMA - Practice Administrator at Family Dental Associates

I would like to enthusiastically recommend Practice Solutions, Inc. and Judy Kay to my colleagues within the private practice of dentistry. In July, our team had the pleasure of hosting Judy Kay at our office for her team building workshop. Judy Kay provided us with two very productive days of observation, analysis, open discussion and an “energy filled” workshop. Her preparation and on-site commitment to making our practice better was appreciated and obvious to all our team members.

Impressively, Judy Kay, in short order, got to know each team member on an individual basis. She was able to use her excellent skills to truly understand and motivate each of us. The result was a rededication and commitment to the process of honestly looking at how we were functioning as a team and to develop a new “culture” moving forward. The process was entirely collaborative and enjoyable. Months later, we are now a more cohesive team. The team shares an increased dedication to our patients and the practice. We are diligent in looking out more closely for each other’s appreciation and enjoyment of our office hours spent together.

As we celebrate or successes at our weekly meeting, I ask the team: “With all our increased effort to support each other in a positive way to deliver the excellence alternative in dentistry to our patients, is any one expending more energy than before Judy Kay guided us to our new culture?” Each and every team member responds: “no, it’s way more fun and we aren’t working any harder!” There simply could not be a better endorsement for Practice Solutions, Inc. than that.

~Stephen D Cooke DDS, Inc.

We invited Judy Kay to our office to help our team become more efficient and productive. Her positive, high energy coaching style helped us create a team environment where everyone works together to find solutions to our concerns through effective communication and systems. She has a wealth of knowledge and contacts that she used to individualize our practice needs. Having been in business for 20 years we have utilized other "consultants," it was refreshing to work with Judy Kay as a "coach". Judy Kay unifies the whole team and does so in a fun upbeat way, yet still shows us how to hold ourselves accountable so we achieve our goals. We noticed an immediate increase in production and overall attitude.

I would highly recommend her.

~Dr Tim Brooks, Smiles For Life

In the over 13 years that I have been a business owner, you can imagine that I have used many consultants. I have also held events and attended events that had speakers and consultants. I can honestly say that your approach at building morale, creating a team experience, and having an overall positive experience is the best I have seen. Growing from a one location practice to a four location practice fairly quickly brings some unforeseen complications. We planned a retreat knowing we needed a positive employee experience.

We are very appreciative that you agreed to attend our company retreat as our facilitator and consultant. Coming up with a Disney theme got our team excited and the team building exercises have proven to carry over into our everyday work life. We also like the way you assist us in making decisions as a group and keep us focused on the reasons for our meetings.

I would be happy to answer any questions from other companies interested in using your services in the future, as would my Director of Operations, Adrianne Williams. We would love for other businesses to have the kind of experience we had both during our retreat and the results afterwards. Thank you again!

Best Regards,
K. Kevin Neshat, DDS, MD
Owner and President of Nu Image

“Judy Kay has now been to our office two separate times. Our first experience with her resulted in positive outcomes and helped to make our good team even better. I asked her to come back to our office 6 months after her initial visit to make sure we were staying on track and to help us to continue to improve in the way we interact with each other. By having every team member complete questionnaires before her arrival, she was able to focus on areas of concern and challenges that we were facing as a team. During her time with us, she met with the leadership team and discussed ways to resolve challenges without placing blame. She helps all of us to remember how important all parts of communication really are in order to be successful. During our workshop, she allows for discussions but is also good at keeping the team on track so goals can be accomplished. The team building activity she arranged created a fun environment with the entire team working together. Judy Kay believes in what she teaches and stays true to her books and mission. I would recommend for any team to have her come to their office! No matter how awesome your team is, there is always room for improvement since everything is built on relationships and communication. ”

~Dr. Pamela Clark
Pearland Pediatric Dentistry

“Once we met Judy Kay at a communication seminar we knew she was the right person to help us with our staff. Judy Kay has so much positive energy, it's truly contagious and the most awesome ways to help with any communication road blocks. You learn much more than just work related information. There is so much that you can take home on a personal level. Each of our staff members has shown great improvement and it is evident they are applying what they learned from working with Judy Kay. We wish we could have her come to our office once a month, just to keep us on our toes. We will definitely be looking into having her come out on a yearly basis. You cannot go wrong hiring her to better yourself and your staff.”

Practice Administrator/Dr Frank Ruffino

“If you have not set up a training session with Judy Kay, the time is now. Judy spent time with us evaluating our in office needs and desired outcomes. She then scheduled a date to come out to our office and observe a typical day.

"She was able to provide staff with skill sets to optimize the patient experience, generate referrals, and strengthen doctor/patient relationships. All of this done in a nurturing, non-threatening environment.

"The staff now feels empowered, inspired and part of a cohesive team. We have seen immediate results with her easy to implement recommendations.

"Thank you Judy Kay!"

~Dr. Frederick Mueller/All Smiles Dental

"As a director of a Seattle Study Club for over a decade, I have been exposed to many very talented speakers and consultants.  Every consultant has their unique ability.  As for solving my staff interaction dilemmas and lifting our team morale I trusted Judy Kay, and she delivered! Judy Kay has a true gift of dissecting through the problems, getting to the source of it without hurting anyone's feelings while offering real life solutions that can be immediately implemented.  She didn't try to solicit future visits, calls, or up-sell me at any time as I had experienced in the past.  She is very task oriented and comes prepared to solve your particular problem.  She has one goal in mind and that's to make your office run as smooth as possible.  We have had great success with Judy Kay and I would highly recommend her to anyone."
Dr Kevin Neshat
Founder/Owner of NU Image Surgical & Dental Implant Center

“Judy Kay has been working with our office for the past year with multiple visits.  Each time she interacts with us, it appears that her "superpowers" of observation and problem solving multiply.  She has a special talent for dissecting a difficult situation and helps our team to solve the problem together in an honest and supportive way.  Judy Kay has helped our office to save time, money, and heartache.  She's our "go-to" authority and sage to get us through the sometimes rocky road of office expansion and growth.  Many thanks to Judy Kay for her wisdom, friendship, and "superpowers" solving problems!!!”
~Kim Wolozyn
NU Image Surgical & Dental Implant Center Director of Marketing

Judy Kay was asked to come to our office after our administrative team attended one of her lectures at a dental conference. They came back to our team meeting just raving about how motivating she was and also how she had straight forward, systematic solutions to helping teams work better together. When she was in our office, she connected with each and every team member. At our full-day workshop she was able to discuss those 'touchy' subjects with the team and guided us in discussions. She left us with tools to help us obtain our goal of having the most amazing office culture.

Before Judy Kay came, our office was great, but now we are striving for it to be over the top excellent! We are looking forward to having her back!

~Dr. Pamela Clark

Judy Kay was an inspiration and a delight to have in my office! She presented a well-organized workshop addressing all the needs and concerns of every staff member and Doctor. Her energy became contagious.

We concluded with a clear and agreed upon game plan which helped put the entire office on a path to happier and more efficient systems. We all look forward to her returning next year. I recommend Judy Kay to every Dental office.

-Robert G. Dernick DDS

Working with Judy Kay was fun, insightful, and productive and left us with positive hope!

~Dr. Julie Kwon

We recently had Judy Kay come into our office for two days to help us with some staff and scheduling issues that were holding us back. She observed our patient flow and met with the team the first day. On her second day with us we had an all day workshop that was fun, educational and enlightening for the entire team.

I’m confident in saying about a month later that we are on our way from good to great and rediscovering our energy and enthusiasm. Judy Kay brought in a fresh set of eyes to see our bottlenecks and patient flow problems as well as our team communication issues. She taught us how to develop our own standards based on our beliefs and priorities rather than bringing in a template of inflexible systems. By helping us tweak a handful of issues I believe our leadership is stronger, our communication is much more effective with a no-gossip policy in place and our patient flow is improving. I am confident that we are ready to work together effectively as we convert to electronic health records and meet the challenges ahead. Thank you, Judy Kay for bringing us together! We look forward to continuing our relationship.

~Beth Brockman, Practice Administrator, Noonan, Brockman & Pollock D.D.S., Inc.

Judy Kay has been very enlightening and professional in her work with us at Nu Image Surgical Center. She was able to quickly grasp what we needed to accomplish and had some great recommendations on how to achieve our goals. She used her knowledge to help us problem solve and she helped us reorganize from within our existing team in order to guide us to our true potential. We have continued with phone coaching and she is proving to be a great sounding board for our practice administrator as we move into the next phase of our office evolution. We have noticed a renewed energy amongst our team members. I would highly recommend Judy Kay to my colleagues and friends.

~Dr. Kevin Neshat DDS, MD; Nu Image Surgical and Dental Implant Center

Judy Kay's workshop was so worth the investment! She created awareness for our entire team on where we needed to grow to be able to achieve our goals. She is very knowledgeable on the day to day obstacles and issues faced by oral surgery practices. Judy Kay gave us the tools, skillsets and the solutions we needed to be able to improve our attitude, communication, service and performance.

~Julie Mickels, Clinic Coordinator

Our work with Judy Kay Mausolf aimed to improve teamwork and communication within Harbor Light Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons practice. We were thrilled when Judy Kay effectively facilitated a process to improve teamwork and patient service. What we appreciated most about working with Judy Kay was her ability to cut through the predictable roadblocks in developing a high powered team, keeping everyone engaged in the initial training meeting, and delivering the expected results and then some. Harbor Light is excited to be working with Judy Kay and looking forward to her guidance in the future.

~Harbor Light Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons, Inc.

Anyone who has a large office staff knows how challenging it can be to keep morale up and when change needs to happen. Knowing how to have a team accept “change” with open arms isn’t easy. We consider ourselves to be a happy office/staff and try our hardest to make it fun for our patients. Yet, we never paid attention to the simple things that go a long way with coworkers and makes for a more pleasant work environment. Judy Kay opens your eyes to kindness, respect and appreciation on a daily bases. Being a part of the Leadership team I appreciate and utilize the tools taught by Judy Kay. Our team has appreciated and benefited from Judy Kay’s workshop. Our staff is enthusiastic to come into work and help our patients have an enjoyable dental visit. With Judy Kay’s tools for communication, we are learning to support each other so much more.
Thank You Judy Kay!!!

~Lower Valley Dental Associates

I highly recommend working with Judy Kay. She is fun, effective, and experienced in all aspects of a dental practice. She is a great mentor, and she has helped me grow as a practice owner. Judy Kay provided our team with the direction to enable us to streamline our office procedures so that everyone has input and is clear on expectations. This has resulted in improved patient care, and a happier, more productive workplace.

~Kim Ledermann, DDS

Hearing Judy Kay's presentation enabled us to correct a miscommunication in our practice management system which doubled our production. We cannot thank Judy Kay enough for her insightful tips, positive energy, professionalism, wisdom and encouragement, all of which helped us to achieve personal and professional success.

~Ann Marie Gorczyca, DMD, MPH, MS

I am the owner of a small dental practice that has been open for 3 1/2 years. My team is very talented and dedicated! They have been working hard to build the practice to match my vision and goals, but we were having difficulty communicating and developing consistent practice systems. I invited Judy Kay into our practice and I can say it was the best decision I ever made! Judy Kay's optimism, enthusiasm, and can-do attitude are contagious and inspiring. Her systems for helping a practice are solid and catered to each individual practice. She does her homework getting to know the practice and each member of the team which then allows her to develop a plan that is precise, predictable, and agreed upon by the whole office. My team absolutely loved her and it brought us closer together and to a deeper place of understanding each other. Best of all she makes herself available for questions and advice before, during and after her visit. I feel she is a ray of sunshine in the dental world and I am honored to be her friend!

It was definitely a great day. I saw them more engaged and excited about the process than at any other time. We were able to get a clear vision of our customer service philosophy and this will help us continue to build on our culture and keep us moving in the right direction.

Again, thank you for helping us achieve this successful outcome,
~Alain Carles, Patterson Dental, South Florida Branch Manager

When we set our vision to be a world-class customer service and patient care organization, we chose Judy Kay to help us on our journey, knowing that a healthy, positive, service-oriented internal work culture is vital to achieving our vision. We could not have chosen anyone better! Judy’s wisdom, candor, insights, and expertise helped us greatly in transforming our internal culture. Our doctors and team members easily trusted Judy Kay because she is a truly authentic person. And, she made hard work fun and enjoyable at the same time!

~Ronald A. Klemz, Administrator Centrasota Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons

The message that you relayed to our team along with the goals and direction that came out of the meeting were exactly what we wanted and expected. The PLUS was the positive interaction between you and our team which facilitated their getting the most out of the message we wanted conveyed to them AND the positive outlook and attitudes that the team had after the meeting.

~R. Heath Gordon, Operations Manager, Patterson Dental Branch 373, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Your coaching call was a 'wake up' call for me! It was as if I needed someone's permission to take my practice back! It's interesting how without a 3rd party (you) looking in and showing you your weakness a person can begin to believe this is normal! So THANK YOU for that!

~Dr. Laura Schwindt

We were looking to take the office to another level and with Coach Judy Kay Mausolf, we did it! As our consultant, Judy’s “can-do” attitude is contagious. With her guidance, the office has implemented systems for accounts receivable, front desk hand-offs, increasing productivity and improving working relationships within the practice.

Overall, the office has experienced improved customer service, positive attitude, increased productivity and accountability. Thanks Judy Kay for all your hard work. It has been a pleasure working with you.

~Joyce Kasunich

I, along with my partner, and our dental team had the pleasure of working with Judy Kay in 2011. We found Judy Kay to be easy to work with and professional. Judy Kay helped us evaluate our past systems, redefine new systems that were developed as a team, and create accountability. These efforts have allowed us to provide better customer service, enjoy improved team relationships, as well as improve profitability. Thank you Judy Kay!

You did a great job working off the list we created and giving practical, common sense ideas and approaches to help elevate communication and teamwork. I especially liked your proactive approach to firm impressions and finding out what a patient’s needs are and teaching them what your practice can offer them. Thank you so much for presenting to our group.

~Kris Mitchell—Coordinator, West Suburban Study Club

This letter of reference of Judy Kay with Practice Solutions comes very easily. We have a very successful dental practice but struggled with patient communication and team harmony. Both of which, I believe, had us trending downward financially with both patient and staff discontent evident. Having been fortunate to have had a chance encounter with Judy Kay and attended one of her lectures at the IACA conference, I felt that she could have a positive effect on our practice.

As early as our first phone consultation, she had a profound impact on our practice. She brings a tremendous energy steeped in team and patient respect of each other. The result has been an overwhelming transformation in our office environment. She resonated very well with the staff and created an environment which was more fitting of our personalities and the community we serve.

We have added her to our team in an annual contract simply because she has been such an asset to our practice. She is genuine of heart, caring and respectful. I truly believe that she is a “one-of-a-kind” consultant that we are very fortunate to have in our practice. We receive daily emails from her and they all end with a “Ray of the Day,” which is a quote lending itself to positive, motivational support. I take all those quotes to heart and try to live each one every day. To that end, Judy Kay has been our “Ray of the Year.”

Very truly yours,

~Frank R. DePaola, DDS

This has been the most amazing year thanks to working with Judy Kay as our coach! She came into our practice willing to listen and to be open and respectful of our individual, team, and practice goals. Together as a team, she helped us create the vision of how we would like our practice to be. With the help of her coaching, we were able to build a culture of trust and open up and actually talk to one another. I initially thought her approach of understanding mindset/beliefs, holding each other accountable daily to a positive attitude and empowering each team member to maximize their performance was a bit of fluff. That any results we received would not last. Well, I am happy to say that since we implanted her fluff the results have gone beyond my greatest expectations. Production and collection are at an all-time high and we have a month left in the year. Our accounts receivables went from 1 ½ months production to a 1/3 month’s production. Collections are at 99.8%. Everyone has found their groove and has taken ownership of their role as an integral part of the team. The office moral is, well let me just say it is as happy and healthy as she said it would be. We are looking forward to starting another year with Judy Kay, who continues to inspire and empower us to be the best we can be!

~Richard J. Hieb, DDS

Hiring Judy Kay Mausolf has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for my practice in a long time. I’ve had a number of consultants in my office over the 20+ years I’ve been in the business, and I’ve learned something from each one. Judy Kay takes all of what you have in place already, selects what needs changing or updating, adds warmth and charm to the whole encounter, and somehow manages to not only get the whole staff on board, but excited and enthusiastic about the practice again. What a great experience, I only wish I had done it a lot earlier. I would recommend her whole-heartedly, and with no hesitation.

~Susan Block, DDS, FAGD

Judy Kay can bring to any dental practice fresh, dynamic perspectives that are communicated in an enthusiastic and realistic manner. Over the past year, she assisted me in the transformation of a dental practice that was financially healthy but lacked vision and unity. With her objective approach, she not only helped in identifying existing strengths, but more importantly, how to better utilize them on a regular basis. She enabled me to recognize daily obstacles that kept my practice from reaching a more meaningful and rewarding horizon. She offered diplomatic insight and took a personal interest in myself and each individual staff member. From day one, Judy Kay routinely demonstrated her belief that her own personal success rested on our success. With her advisory contributions, we are more effective in our daily efforts and are navigating in a clear direction.

~Jim Lesch, DDS

Our practice was looking for someone to help unify our staff and take our office to the next level. A colleague and friend referred us to Judy Kay. From the first conference call that we had with her, we could sense her enthusiasm and confidence in knowing what it would take to move us where we wanted to go. She brings with her many years of experience working in the dental profession, and her excitement for what she does is contagious. Our staff is more unified, our office is a more pleasant place to work, and our patients our receiving top-notch care thanks to many of the things that Judy Kay helped us to implement.

~Paul Kruth, DMD

Judy Kay is organized, efficient, and extremely competent. She has excellent rapport with people. She is extraordinarily resourceful and delivers results. I highly recommend her.

~Marie Joycelyn Lua, DMD, MS

Judy Kay Mausolf has served as a practice consultant for my recently acquired dental practice. She has played and continues to play a key role in helping me as I go through this transitional phase. My encounter with Judy Kay has been a blessing. She has a great deal of experience and knowledge, but most of what she brings is a great personality and high energy. As we work together I have come to value her input, and look forward to continue this relationship. I would hold no reservations in referring her to any of my colleagues.

~Haseen Syed, DDS

I have known Judy Kay Mausolf for almost 10 years as our Seattle Study Club advisor. Her skills in motivating dentists, keeping us organized, and making learning fun have always impressed me. At the end of 2006 Judy Kay and I decided to work together to improve my office efficiency, increase net income, and progress to my ultimate goals of bringing in a buy-in and buy-out partner within the next five years as well as in the very near future drop a very difficult to work with PPO insurance company. During the first month I had a family medical crisis. She made the world of difference for me. Thankfully, Judy Kay’s wisdom prevailed. I will always appreciate this support from her. I am thrilled with my staff now. We have bright, talented, mature, passionate, and compassionate hygienists and assistants whom she helped me interview. Our office continues to be cheerful, much more efficient, and a great place to work for me. My production has improved as well as my net production. I look forward to the continued positive progress.

~Cindy Trosen Sundet, DDS

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