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"Imagine living a life worth ending in a TA-DAH!" ~ Judy Kay Mausolf

“From the moment I picked Judy Kay up from the airport she was a ray of sunshine! She listened to all my concerns, challenges, and asked questions that made me think. I manage a single owner, group of four practices with thirty team members. Judy Kay was able to visit two of our locations to see our team hard at work. The day before our Culture Camp she observed in one location and worked directly with the team, owner, and myself. The team was very happy to see that she was not there judge, she asked questions and had new and exciting ideas to help assist with daily processes. Each night Judy Kay, the practice owner and I met for leadership dinners. That time was so helpful for me, we discussed her observations from the day and ways the owner and I can grow our leadership team.

The day of the Culture Camp was an amazing experience. Judy Kay facilitated our team in realizing their true potential. The exercises and conversations that followed were something that I had only dreamed of before. Since our Culture Camp, we have been able to implement positive change that the team wants. It is an amazing feeling knowing that we are all on the same page. I am so thankful to Judy Kay for helping us bring our team together and motivating us to be better for our patients but most of all each other.”

Jennifer Steadman, BSDH, RDH, FAADOM, Dentistry by Design

Everyone enjoyed your sessions at the Texas Meeting in San Antonio. You were a big hit for our meeting, a big Thank You from Texas.

Victor Rodriguez, DDS – Chair Texas Meeting, Texas Dental Association

We invited Judy Kay back for our 2013 annual conference based on requests from our attendees. They love her enthusiasm, her insights into the patients experience and her expansive knowledge of how to get teams working together and communicating effectively.

-Shannon Cook—Director of Meetings, Minnesota Dental Association

“Our t-shirts are a big "thank you" to Judy Kay for giving Dr. Little and myself the inspiration and motivation to make the changes to finally move forward and enjoy doing dentistry. Our team arrives every day with a "smile and shine" attitude, we have our buddy checks and at the end of the day we celebrate. Ta Dah!!!”

-Catherine Bartleson

“I purchased and was mentored in a successful practice that came with employee baggage. I was fearful to make the changes that were required in fear of losing a significant portion of the practice. When my office manager and I saw the shine (light) of Judy Kay we had the whole staff change. Today we have a staff that is excited to be here and it is truly fun.”

-Steve Little, DDS

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to Judy Kay Mausolf for the phenomenal session she presented at last year’s Dental Managers Conference, presented by the American Association of Dental Office Managers (AADOM). The best and brightest in dental practice administration were in attendance at this conference and her session received rave reviews from our members. According to attendees it was exciting, informative and provided them with relevant and vital information. I know for a fact that some attendees came to the conference specifically for Judy Kay’s session and they were thrilled with it!

It was evident that Judy Kay put an amazing amount of preparation into the materials and handouts she created. Her message was insightful, engaging, and exciting. I would recommend Judy Kay Mausolf as a speaker for any dental event, as well as any event that promotes communication. I look forward to having Judy Kay as our keynote speaker for our 8th Annual Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, Sept 6-8, 2012!”

-Heather Colicchio, AADOM President

“Our study club felt that Judy Kay’s presentation was exceptional—both information and motivational! We all came away with great ideas about how to improve office communication and I would highly recommend Judy Kay for your next meeting.”

-Dr. Neil Covin, Director, West Suburban Study Club

“Every now and then a rare find as a speaker comes along—one who not only delivers a powerful message but displays confidence and endearment to their audience at the same time. You won’t find a more authentic or relevant speaker than Judy Kay Mausolf! She moves audiences through timeless yet contemporary material and guides them toward illuminating their personal potential. Judy Kay will move you to action and inspire you to reach for more.”

-Vanessa Emerson, President, Presentations by Design Speaker’s Bureau

“Judy Kay is not only an energetic, heartfelt speaker with plenty of real-world tips for real people but she is also the epitome of comfortable, sassy, classy style herself! Audiences immediately connect with her humor and content and feel inspired to make the little changes that make a big difference in the business world.”

-Katherine Eitel, Speaker and Trainer

“Our Seattle Study Club, Northern Lights Dental Forum, has had the great pleasure of having Judy Kay speak at two of our meetings. She always imparts valuable and pertinent knowledge in an open and entertainment environment. Her warm and outgoing personality draws in the audience and keeps them interested and involved in the presentation. I look forward to working with her in the future. I would highly recommend her.”

-Val Overland, Coordinator, Northern Lights Dental Forum

“Judy Kay did a great job in helping us implement change. She listened to our concerns and tailored her presentation to fit the specific needs of our dental practice. I would recommend that any office looking for a boost in morale and a different way of approaching everyday work life to contact Judy Kay!”

-Justin McHugh, DDS

“Judy Kay Mausolf spoke to The Fort Study Club on November 13, 2009. The meeting was attended by Doctors and Staff! Judy Kay’s message was spot on. At the end of the day, my staff was all jazzed up and discussing ways to facilitate better communication and teamwork in the office. As Judy Kay would say, “It’s time to show your shine!” Thanks Judy Kay!”

-Mike Stronczek, DDS MS, Director, The Fort Study Club

“All I can say is that Judy Kay is so professional and energetic. She delivers all that she promises in a very intelligent, honest fashion. Do not hesitate to have Judy Kay in your office or on your platform. She is a credit to her profession.”

-Randy Jones, DMD LVIM, IACA Speaker Chairman

“Judy Kay recently spoke for our Women’s Leadership Connection group on Communication Solutions and she was fabulous! Our attendees loved the content, practical tips and insight into dealing with attitude and gossip. Not only did Judy Kay make a tough subject fun, she had the group laughing and ready to take back these tools to use in their own organizations. We’ve already scheduled Judy Kay for another speaking engagement and we can’t wait!”

-Sarah Ruzek, Midwest Society of Association Executive

“We invited Judy Kay back for our 2013 annual conference based on requests from our attendees. They love her enthusiasm, her insights into the patient’s experience and her expansive knowledge of how to get teams working together and communicating effectively.”

-Shannon Cook, Director of Meetings, Minnesota Dental Association

“We were looking to take the office to another level and with Coach Judy Kay Mausolf, we did it! As our consultant, Judy’s “can-do” attitude is contagious. With her guidance, the office has implemented systems for accounts receivable, front desk hand-offs, increasing productivity, and improving working relationships within the practice.

Overall, the office has experienced improved customer service, positive attitude, increased productivity, and accountability. Thanks Judy Kay for all your hard work. It has been a pleasure working with you.”

-Joyce Kasunich, DDS, FAGD

“This letter of reference of Judy Kay with Practice Solutions comes very easily. We have a very successful dental practice but struggled with patient communication and team harmony. Both of which, I believe, had us trending downward financially with both patient and staff discontent evident. Having been fortunate to have had a chance encounter with Judy Kay and attended one of her lectures at the IACA conference, I felt that she could have a positive effect on our practice.

As early as our first phone consultation, she had a profound impact on our practice. She brings a tremendous energy steeped in team and patient respect of each other. The result has been an overwhelming transformation in our office environment. She resonated very well with the staff and created an environment which was more fitting of our personalities and the community we serve.

We have added her to our team in an annual contract simply because she has been such an asset to our practice. She is genuine of heart, caring and respectful. I truly believe that she is a “one-of-a-kind” consultant that we are very fortunate to have in our practice. We receive daily emails from her and they all end with a “Ray of the Day,” which is a quote lending itself to positive, motivational support. I take all those quotes to heart and try to live each one every day. To that end, Judy Kay has been our “Ray of the Year.”

-Frank R. DePaola, DDS

“This has been the most amazing year thanks to working with Judy Kay as our coach! She came into our practice willing to listen and be open and respectful of our individual, team, and practice goals. Together as a team, she helped us create the vision of how we would like our practice to be. With the help of her coaching, we were able to build a culture of trust and open up and actually talk to one another. I initially thought her approach of understanding mindset/beliefs, holding each other accountable daily to a positive attitude and empowering each team member to maximize their performance was a bit of fluff. That any results we received would not last. Well, I am happy to say that since we implanted her fluff the results have gone beyond my greatest expectations. Production and collection are at an all-time high and we have a month left in the year. Our accounts receivables went from 1 ½ months production to a 1/3 month’s production. Collections are at 99.8%. Everyone has found their groove and has taken ownership of their role as an integral part of the team. The office moral is, well, let me just say it is as happy and healthy as she said it would be. We are looking forward to starting another year with Judy Kay, who continues to inspire and empower us to be the best we can be!”

-Richard J. Hieb, DDS

“Hiring Judy Kay Mausolf has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for my practice in a long time. I’ve had a number of consultants in my office over the 20+ years I’ve been in the business, and I’ve learned something from each one. Judy Kay takes all of what you have in place already, selects what needs changing or updating, adds warmth and charm to the whole encounter, and somehow manages to not only get the whole staff on board, but excited and enthusiastic about the practice again. What a great experience, I only wish I had done it a lot earlier. I would recommend her whole-heartedly and with no hesitation.”

-Susan Block, DDS, FAGD

“Judy Kay can bring to any dental practice fresh, dynamic perspectives that are communicated in an enthusiastic and realistic manner. Over the past year, she assisted me in the transformation of a dental practice that was financially healthy but lacked vision and unity. With her objective approach, she not only helped in identifying existing strengths, but more importantly, how to better utilize them on a regular basis. She enabled me to recognize daily obstacles that kept my practice from reaching a more meaningful and rewarding horizon. She offered diplomatic insight and took a personal interest in myself and each individual staff member. From day one, Judy Kay routinely demonstrated her belief that her own personal success rested on our success. With her advisory contributions, we are more effective in our daily efforts and are navigating in a clear direction.”

-Jim Lesch, DDS

“Our practice was looking for someone to help unify our staff and take our office to the next level. A colleague and friend referred us to Judy Kay. From the first conference call that we had with her, we could sense her enthusiasm and confidence in knowing what it would take to move us where we wanted to go. She brings with her many years of experience working in the dental profession, and her excitement for what she does is contagious. Our staff is more unified, our office is a more pleasant place to work, and our patients our receiving top-notch care thanks to many of the things that Judy Kay helped us to implement.”

-Paul Kruth, DMD

“Judy Kay is organized, efficient, and extremely competent. She has excellent rapport with people. She is extraordinarily resourceful and delivers results. I highly recommend her.”

-Marie Joycelyn Lua, DMD, MS

“Judy Kay Mausolf has served as a practice consultant for my recently acquired dental practice. She has played and continues to play a key role in helping me as I go through this transitional phase. My encounter with Judy Kay has been a blessing. She has a great deal of experience and knowledge, but most of what she brings is a great personality and high energy. As we work together I have come to value her input, and look forward to continue this relationship. I would hold no reservations in referring her to any of my colleagues.”

-Haseen Syed, DDS

“I have known Judy Kay Mausolf for almost 10 years as our Seattle Study Club advisor. Her skills in motivating dentists, keeping us organized, and making learning fun have always impressed me. At the end of 2006 Judy Kay and I decided to work together to improve my office efficiency, increase net income, and progress to my ultimate goals of bringing in a buy-in and buy-out partner within the next five years as well as in the very near future drop a very difficult to work with PPO insurance company. During the first month I had a family medical crisis. She made the world of difference for me. Thankfully, Judy Kay’s wisdom prevailed. I will always appreciate this support from her. I am thrilled with my staff now. We have bright, talented, mature, passionate, and compassionate hygienists and assistants whom she helped me interview. Our office continues to be cheerful, much more efficient, and a great place to work for me. My production has improved as well as my net production. I look forward to the continued positive progress.”

-Cindy Trosen Sundet, DDS

“Hiring a quality new team member has always been a challenge in our office and we had to sift through a lot of poor applicants to glean the members we were looking for. Judy Kay made this process virtually painless. She met with us to design an ad to focus on the qualities we were looking for and she monitored, screened, and even interviewed the applicants for us. I now have added an in office coordinator with all the qualities Judy Kay and I had discusses and I couldn’t be happier. We are set to take our practice to another level.”

-Mark Malterud, DDS, MAGD, St. Paul, MN

“We cannot say enough positive things about Judy Kay and her Culture Camp. It was the perfect way to start the new year with our team - refocusing on our core values and figuring out new ways to help each other and grow as a team. Judy Kay is thoughtful, observant, and she truly feels like a part of our team! She gave us a great mixture of feedback - some changes we have been able to implement and see immediate results, and others we will continue working on for the long-term success of our practice. She brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and connections that are invaluable! We would definitely recommend her services!”

-Dr Emerson Godbolt